Integrating Technology to Enhance Curriculum in the Classroom


Course objectives are:

The following course objectives directly relate to the Standards and Candidate Performance Outcomes in the Westfield State University Conceptual Frameworks. These goals will help teachers to become better educators of their content through the knowledge and skills learned in ITECC, which will positively affect student-learning outcomes.

  1. Enhance student learning and improve student technology literacy through the development of a digital curriculum unit and classroom project that meets the Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards and Expectation Standards and the Westfield State University Conceptual Frameworks.
  2. Develop mastery of digital tools to augment a 21st century skill (i.e. information and civic literacy, critical thinking, collaboration, online content creation) that will improve student learning in the classroom and help them to develop higher-end skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively beyond their school walls, analyze complex information, write and present well-reasoned arguments, and develop solutions to interdisciplinary problems.
  3. Relate the MA Curriculum Framework to lesson plans and rubrics within their content area, which embodies essential qualities of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching.
  4. Develop a professional learning network to maintain and further expand skills as a 21st century teacher and knowledge of current theories of learning, culture, and human development to inform curriculum and pedagogy decisions.
  5. Create and share a digital curriculum unit with all Massachusetts teachers through MassONE so that other students can benefit from the knowledge gained from ITECC.

The ITECC course uses a blended learning model, which combines face-to-face and online classes. The first course was taught in the spring of 2011. There is a current course being taught during the fall of 2013 and another will be offered in the spring of 2013.
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