Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Center was born out of the ARRA Title II-D Online Learning Grant (fund code 776) to create courses in Moodle for at-risk and special education students. Through this grant, we created over 60 courses ranging from 1-week to 1-year long in all subject areas, including electives. The LPVEC was 1 of 14 sites across Massachusetts creating courses such as these. This collaboration allows us to access their developed courses and choose those that will work for our districts. We plan to vet the courses from other sites over the next few months to establish a full high school curriculum in the core content areas for the LPVEC districts. These courses will be added to those available through the Online Learning Center, including hosting on our Moodle site (, administration of the course, student enrollment, and professional development for the teachers and students interested in these courses.

The Online Learning Center uses Moodle as its learning platform. Moodle is open source, which means it is free and has a worldwide community that is constantly working to make it better. Within Moodle, there are 55,000 registered sites, 45 million users, 4.7 million courses, in 214 countries. The LPVEC has its own Moodle server and is running the latest version of the program. One of the benefits of Moodle is it's flexibility to be customized. Courses can be uploaded and modified to meet the needs of a particular teacher or district.

Available Moodle Courses: