The Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative has staff available to work with district and school leadership, subject-area coaches, and teachers on the use of ASSISTments in the Pioneer Valley area. Since ASSISTments is largely funded by grants to researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the use of ASSISTments is FREE.

“Teachers’ regular use of formative assessment improves their students’ learning, especially if teachers have additional guidance on using the assessment to design and to individualize instruction.” (National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2011)

ASSISTments addresses two of three main questions asked under the Massachusetts Teaching and Learning System:
  1. How are my current students doing? How many of them are being served by core instruction? Which of my students need additional support to stay on track?
  2. How can I learn more about what content my students understand?

Three Main Types of Use with Students:

1. ASSISTments can be used as formative assessment like "clickers."

2. ASSISTments can be used to adapt to individual students in response to data.
  • Scaffolding, at the question level.
  • Data Driven Actions, at the teacher level.
  • ARRS, Automatic Reassessment and Relearning System. The computer is in charge of spacing practice over time.

3. ASSISTments can be used for nightly homework.

Main Audiences for ASSISTments
  • Reports to Teachers
  • Reports to Students
  • Reports to Parents
  • Reports to School Administrators